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Web Development Services

      Chamber Of Commerce TCS Procedures

This step-by-step guide is designed to help Chamber members develop a Traffic Catcher Site (TCS) from the ground up. The following procedures will be provided:

Step 1 - Login information (If you don't have a login, this will show you where to go and what to do).
Step 2 - Get Ideas (This will show you where to go to get ideas to develop your own TCS.)
Step 3 - Edit Site Option (This is the first step to build your TCS.)
Step 4 - Beginner's Guide to Building a Web Site (This will enhance the Chamber TCS by adding graphics and links.)
Step 5 - Chamber Web Services (This will cover other services offered by the Chamber such as: Member Coupons, Events, PhotoGridDirectory, and Going Green.)
Step 6 - Increase Your Web Presence (This will increase your search priority on the internet by using Catalog Advertisment and Mobile Site Presence.)

Please provide the following information to download the detailed procedures and track the number of visitors:


If you have any questions, contact Jeff Hutchinson at (801) 376-6687 or